I am a creative designer with an interest in developing brand strategy and marketing skills.
I have been a “designer” for over eight years first self teaching myself design on social forums before heading up the design team on a community called PHPBB Communities. The voluntary role allowed me to learn new Photoshop skills and build relationships online with people from multiple backgrounds. This inspired me to go to college where I officially started to learn design properly and then later University.
For the last two and half years I have been a creative designer working locally for Hayward Design and Print Ltd and Mickle Creative Solutions working for a multitude of clients ranging from sports personalities to local start-ups.

Audio Shack

Owner & Podcater
2013 - 2016

Hayward Design & Print Ltd

Creative Designer
2017 - 2019

Mickle Creative Solutions

Creative Designer
2019 - 2019

Jack Baker Creative

Owner & Creative Designer
2019 - Present